Looking to make a Career Comeback?

BRB (Be Right Back) is Diamondpick’s unique career returnship program for women who have taken a break from their tech careers to support their families. With proper training, support, and mentorship, women who have been away from the workforce can make a career comeback armed with all the necessary skills and support required. On completion of the program, we will match you to the right career opportunities at leading tech companies to restart your career.

Not digitally ready for today’s workplace? Refresh your skills with BRB​

The BRB program is designed to help you catch up with the necessary skills required to succeed in today’s marketplace. With curated training programs, skill-based mentorship, and holistic support, you can return to work with enhanced digital skills and confidence.

Curated Training Programs

Flexible Work Opportunities

Holistic Return to Work Experience

Skill-based Mentorship

Career Growth Opportunities

Reclaim Your Future with BRB

We give you the unique opportunity to put your tech skills and expertise into practice by participating in our interview-as-a-service program. You will be a part of an expert interview panel conducting technical interviews across job roles at your own chosen pace.

We also help you find career opportunities that match your skills and help you ease back into the workforce with a perfect balance between personal and professional goals.

Build your career that best suits your schedule and ambitions with us.

Our Career Reboot Program is Designed to Power Your Future. Apply now!



BRB is an initiative aimed helping professionals on a career-break re-entering the workforce, specifically within the IT recruitment industry. 

Interview-as-a-service is a recruitment service where a third-party company provides interview services to other companies. This service can be used to conduct initial screening interviews, technical interviews, or other types of assessments to evaluate job candidates’ skills and suitability for a particular role. This service can save companies time and resources while ensuring that candidates are evaluated consistently and objectively.

The program offers mentorship, career coaching, resources, and a supportive community to help women re-enter the IT workforce with confidence.

The duration of the program varies, depending on the needs of the participants.

Applications for the program can be submitted through the BRB website. For more information write to brb@diamondpick.com.

The program provides a variety of resources, including mentorship, career coaching, training, and networking opportunities.

Yes, the program can be accessed remotely, which makes it accessible to women who are not located in the program’s physical location.

The BRB program provides a safe and supportive community to discuss their experiences, challenges, and triumphs, in addition to the resources provided to help women re-enter the IT workforce.