I am addressing the college graduates on the topic of Cloud Computing or more appropriately, Computing on Cloud.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that most college grads who have an intention to make her/his career in IT are aware about the concept of computing on cloud partially, if not fully.

First – Computing on Cloud is different from Computing the Cloud, where one refers to writing your programs on an infrastructure that for all practical purposes are data centers, but with additional facility of billing & metering that enable you or consumers to pay as you/they use that infrastructure (i.e. collection of servers, network etc). The other one refers to the act of setting up and configuring that infrastructure or even building up such infrastructure that can be used by customers to pay as they use.

Second – Cloud is not just an infrastructure of servers & networks, it is a highly automated & configurable infrastructure that is software driven.

Third – Cloud is not just there to be used for servers or networks but it is a collection of services built on top of those highly automated & configurable infrastructure. These services can be possibly anything that you may think of – data warehouse, data integration, Big Data, AI & ML, IOT, Service gateway and many more – you name it & it is there on that infrastructure for anyone to consume in a pay per use model.

Gone are the days when you have to wait for a server to be bought for you to learn basic to advanced programming & usage. You do not need to worry about big money for buying your computing needs. I use everything on Amazon, AWS vs Google and I barely spend Rs.2000/month for my computing needs, mainly for deep research purposes.

Even though this model started targeting the long tail i.e. huge number of small to medium scale consumers, because of the value it provided, enterprises of almost all scales are adopting it at a fast pace. Did you know that “Cloud Computing Market is Projected To Reach $411B By 2020”? Can you imagine the number of jobs it can create and how you want to make yourself available for it?

Learning anything is difficult, but what I have realized over years of experience is that a good guide can help one learn complex topics in the shortest and best way – so hurry up!


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