Press Release: India's Best Workplaces™ for Women 2022 (Large) Announcement

Diamondpick Recognized by Great Place to Work® among India's Top 50 Best Workplaces™ for Women 2022!

Chennai, September 23,2022 – Diamondpick has been recognized by Great Place to Work® India among  – India’s Best Workplaces™ for Women 2022!  


“Diversity in our workforce has helped us appreciate a multitude of viewpoints and take a holistic approach in all that we do. This award is an acknowledgment that our employees, regardless of gender, are given the same opportunities and flexibility in order to bring their best selves to work. More importantly, this award is a recognition straight from our people! Over 700 of our employees participated in the survey and we are delighted that our women employees voted us as a great place to work. 


This year we have joined the big leagues, and have been recognised for the first time in the ‘Top 50 Large-Size Best Workplaces for Women in 2022!’ 


The allegiance of our workforce to help secure this scale of recognition showcases the culture Diamondpick is striving to foster, of inclusivity, determination and collaboration. We will strive to make Diamondpick an even greater place to work for our women employees.” said Satish Jeyraman, CEO, Diamondpick. 


As a global authority on workplace culture, Great Place to Work® has been studying employee experience and people practices across organizations for over three decades. Every year, more than 10,000 organizations from over 60 countries partner with Great Place to Work® Institute for assessment, benchmarking, and planning of actions to strengthen their workplace culture. 

In its 5th edition this year for India, based on a rigorous evaluation methodology, the Top 100 organizations among India’s Best Workplaces™ for Women 2022 have been recognized. These organizations among other practices particularly excel both on people practices that they have crafted for their employees and proactively acting on the feedback to create a High Trust Culture.

The report and the complete list (in alphabetical order) of India’s Best Workplaces™ for Women 2022 can be viewed here.

In our study, we have observed that the Best Workplaces have gone above and beyond to create and sustain aspirational organizations. Organizations that succeed in establishing high-trust, high-performance cultures and maximizing human potential by bridging experience gaps will be Great Places to Work For All™ in the future.

“Our business landscape is changing rapidly as the attitude towards ‘traditional’ ways of doing business is changing. What’s more, globally women have become crucial engines for economic growth. Achieving gender diversity and parity is of crucial importance to improve business outcomes. Women are playing a large role in shaping the future of workplaces. 

This is a promising start but there’s more to uncover for furthering representation of women in decision-making roles. Best Workplaces are leading the way in this regard. Not only do they have a better representation of women in the workforce across industries, but women in Best Workplaces also experience a 7% more collaborative workplace culture compared to the Rest.

Gradually but surely, women are finding their seat at the table and narrowing the gender gap in workplace experience. For women to perform at their best, a fair and equitable work environment is the need of the hour, which recognizes their merit. More and more workplaces are realizing this and taking a consistent effort to make the environment equitable and unbiased. As a result, we see positive feedback from women with their workplace experience. Managers play a key role in driving this perception, with 7% more positive feedback towards their impartiality at the workplace.

Several organizations are celebrated for the benefits they offer to employees, the variety as well as the personalization. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses understand the nature of benefits that would truly serve women well beyond their basic appeal. Best Workplaces are on their way to cracking the code – 78% of women believe their organization provides special benefits as against 70% from Rest.


Work-life balance is one of the main factors employee engagement directly hinges on. The importance of work-life balance has taken a front seat in recent times and the Best Workplaces are front-runners in driving the same. 84% of women here believe they are provided with the necessary resources and are encouraged to balance their professional and personal lives. Meanwhile, only 78% of women from Rest echo this belief. 


Apart from equity, impartiality and non-discrimination form the bedrock of fairness at Best Workplaces. The future of work will be driven by higher intentional collaboration, maximizing human potential, and an inclusive approach to decision-making. 

Congratulations to all our winners for this coveted recognition, the journey of Making India a Great Place to Work For All is only getting started!” -Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, CEO, Great Place to Work®, India.

In India, the Institute partners with more than 1100+ organizations annually, across over 22 industries, to help them build High-Trust, High-Performance Cultures™ designed to deliver sustained business results. Hundreds of leading CXOs from India Inc. are part of the great place community that is committed to the vision of making India a Great Place to Work For All. 


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About Diamondpick:

Diamondpick is a new-age talent solutions company with a vision to be an innovative and complete talent solutions partner for enterprises in the digital technology and operations industry. An organization that takes on the challenge of solving complex talent challenges, Diamondpick strives to be an enabler of business success for all clients by leveraging data, technology and the organization’s expertise in the technology market. Headquartered in Chennai, we have a presence across the globe. For more information, please visit : www.diamondpick.com 


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