Bespoke Talent Solutions For The Technology Enterprise

We craft and deliver enterprise talent solutions that enable technology organizations to solve their business problems. Our hiring solutions focus on bringing the talent markets closer to the organisation by setting up a robust supply chain eco-system. We deliver services across the talent spectrum including Total Talent Solutions, MSP, RPO and Talent Consulting programs

Bespoke Talent Solutions For The Technology Enterprise

How we enable your growth

Talent Advisory and Consulting

Optimize recruiting processes, implement best-in-class processes across the talent pipeline, benchmark against the market to improve critical metrics, implement industry’s best AI enabled HR tech and more!

Talent Advisory

We help organizations, of all shapes and sizes, improve their recruiting strategies, optimize critical metrics (CPH, Time-to-Hire, and more) to enhance overall productivity.

Employer & Talent Branding

The convergence of our deep understanding of talent markets, digital landscape, new-age branding & marketing paradigms translates into enterprise-class employer and talent branding solutions.

Talent Research & Competitive Intelligence

Our bespoke talent research services offer some of the most detailed talent market insights to facilitate critical talent decisions.

HR Technology Benchmarking

Based on our strong technology implementation experience and deep understanding of HR and Talent Acquisition landscape, our HR Tech Benchmarking Services are the most authentic and reliable.

Talent Fulfilment

The complete range of talent fulfilment solutions to power technology businesses. With deep understanding of talent markets and employer brand, we have been helping our customers bring drastic improvement in their ability to attract and hire talent

Total Talent Solutions

Our Total Talent solutions are primarily anchored around an integrated delivery platform offering unified access to both permanent and contingent manpower

MSP and Contingent Staffing

Our MSP solution offers just the right features to meet the organizational talent needs by enhancing the quality of talent, improving insights on spend and achieving uniform billing processes across suppliers. 


Our RPO solutions help optimize the cost of hiring, accelerate time-to-hire, improve quality and bring in significant improvements with the talent acquisition function.

Diamondpick Training Academy

We are on a mission to empower recruiters worldwide to be the best they can. Our Recruitment Training Academy is a first of its kind, offering certified training programs and workshops with a focus on Recruiter Productivity Enhancement and peak performance. It sets a world-class benchmark for recruiters in the world of technology

Talent Acquisition Capability Building

We offer recruitment capability building with a key focus on Recruiter Productivity Enhancement and peak performance. Our comprehensive solutions bring-in 360-degree capability enhancement in Talent Acquisition functions.

Recruiter Training & Certification

We offer industry-leading recruiter training and certification programs on advanced talent acquisition topics.

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