Upskilling to Stay Relevant in the Workplace of the Future

Today’s digital everything, everywhere marketplace is fierce, and one of the best ways to future-proof your career is by setting yourself apart from the rest by ensuring that your skills are upgraded and better. The rapid evolution of technology, the effects of the pandemic, the global recession and loss of jobs, makes upskilling a top priority for workers. 

Upskilling involves learning new skills and acquiring new abilities to adapt and keep up with the changing demands of the workplace. Workers that don’t upskill, will have a skill gap, which can have significant effects on their career.

A McKinsey & Company report stated that leading organizations believe that upskilling is the best way to close skills gaps of an aging workforce and rapid developments in technology, over new hires or redeploying employees.

Upskilling is Future-Proof

Here’s why:

  • Drives Careers Forward by significantly improving employability now and in the future.
  • Opens New Doors & Opportunities  to finding new possible future career paths 
  • Stay Up-to-date and Relevant with a wide skill-set that will solidify a place in the future job market

Skill Up to Level Up

Some tips to stay ahead of the learning curve:

  1. Learning must never stop: this growth mind-set is key. Attend a coding workshop, build on existing programming language or attendant virtual conferences on industry trends. 
  2. Build Up Accreditations: Obtain professional accreditations for specific futuristic technologies by signing up for courses, making yourself attractive to employers. 
  3. Network your way into the Future: a great way to upskill or find out what tech is trending or what to upskill with for better employability, is by networking with like-minded people from the industry. 

It’s never too early or too late in your career to start upskilling. The future of the workplace is now, and one of the best ways to ensure employability is by enhancing tech skills. Ready to elevate your career to new heights? Start upskilling today!