Core Values

We are T-shaped talent experts – we bring a broad understanding of the technology sector and its business needs complemented by deep experience in the business of talent. This gives us the ability to design future-proof talent solutions that are agile, flexible, scalable and deliver business outcomes. We leverage technology, data, and insights to build robust talent models. 


Trust is at the intersection of Credibility, Reliability and Customer Intimacy. These are defining attributes of our engagement models. We work as an extended team of our customers to deliver business success. Our talent solutions are based on knowledge, experience and insights; this ensures that our solutions are grounded, realistic and executable.


Our working environment with our employees, clients and investors is one of transparency and openness. This encourages open and honest conversations, higher levels of collaboration within teams, and helps everyone understand the rationale for our decisions and actions. This ensures the best outcome for everyone involved. 


We define Excellence as simply Customer Perception minus Customer Expectation! We strive to surpass Customer expectations every single time. Our standards of quality will always be the best in class in every aspect of our business. We invest in building capability of our teams for them to deliver solutions in line with our standards of excellence. We are committed to innovation.


Our teams are empowered and decentralized, with high accountability and a focus on outcomes. This enables us to be nimble, agile and responsive to our customers.


People matter. We care about our employees. They have chosen to be with us for a large part of our day, and we want them to feel good about it. We do not want to take their commitment for granted. We provide our employees with several opportunities for personal and professional growth, that help them maximise their potential and hence self-worth. 

Fun Work Culture

At Diamondpick, work is a passion and not just a job. This ensures a positive energy at the workplace, where collaboration, team-work and passion trump everything else. All our customer engagements benefit from this culture that inspires each and every employee to go beyond the call of duty to deliver.

At Diamondpick, we enable data-driven localized intelligent decision making, show nimbleness and agility – to be able to do the right thing at the right time, at the pace without ever compromising on quality. This is our competitive advantage.

Our approach is based on the concept of being an “Idea Meritocracy” – A system that brings together smart, independent thinkers, and has them productively disagree to come up with the best possible collective thinking and resolve their differences in a believably-weighted manner.

We are laser-focused in creating a culture where it is OK to make mistakes but Unacceptable not to learn from them. People who embrace their mistakes and weaknesses substantially outperform their peers with the same abilities but bigger ego-barriers.

Our teams are ready to lead and to follow and never quit. We take responsibility for our actions and the actions of our team-mates. We excel as warriors through discipline and innovation

Join Us

Diamondpick has, at the core of its value system, a strong foundation of TRUST, EQUALITY, and UNDERSTANDING. We focus on credibility, an environment of transparency, excellence through innovation and accountability.