If there is one constant in the dynamic  landscape of the technology talent market, it is change. Firms have had to reorganize themselves to improve focus around automation, industrialized IT, and growth engines such as Digital transformation in order to keep pace with the market. This, in turn, has deep impact on the talent models that form the very core of the knowledge economy.

The Business Need

With dramatically changing candidate demographics, fast-evolving talent markets and rapid technological changes, traditional recruiting models have stopped being relevant and organizations are finding it challenging to adapt to the new age recruiting paradigm.  There is only one solution to this challenge – agile recruiting models and rapid technology adoption to be able to hire talent at the pace of business.

Need to adapt
influenced by
  • Slowing Growth
  • Changing business models
  • Macro-economic environment
Changing priorities informed
by cost/quality of talent​
  • Revisit hiring strategy (build vs buy)
  • Focus on cost, profitable growth
  • Emphasis on quality of talent
Response – operate lean &
efficient, out-of-box options
  • Higher utilization, better pyramid
  • Just in time hiring, leverage omni channel approach
  • Reskilling as a legitimate channel ​

What are we doing about it?

We craft and deliver enterprise talent solutions that enable technology organizations to solve their business problems. We leverage technology, data and insights, backed by several decades of experience in the knowledge economy, to build bespoke talent solutions that address the needs of the enterprise with razor sharp focus. Agility and innovation remain the operative words.

Identify, Attract, Hire The Right Talent

This is our raison d’etre – finding the right talent, at the right pace, and at the right time to solve the enterprise need, and thus contribute to successful business outcomes.

Built with Data, Driven by Technology

From designing the most optimized talent supply-chain systems to building data and technology-driven recruiting models, we are at the forefront of intelligent talent acquisition interventions. With our bouquet of highly innovative recruiting models, proprietary recruitment frameworks and a team of best-in-class talent consultants, our clients are ever-ready to continuously improve their ability to hire top talent.

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